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Confidentiality is a key part of the coaching relationship with my clients.  Below are Testimonials from the letters I have received from my clients, respecting their confidentiality.  References can be provided upon request.


"I have valued working with you over the last 10 years and have seen the many facets of your experience and capabilities. Your understanding of the dynamics of organizations and inherent interpersonal dilemmas facing managers and groups proved invaluable over the years. I particularly admired your blend of candid, yet sensitive, feedback." 

~President, Fortune 500 Company

"I want to thank you very much for the help you have provided me and my staff as I was forming a new function. You have worn several hats very successfully during the past years and it has been of tremendous help to us all. In addition, my observation of you has been that you provide a bit of philosophy as well as your other attributes. Seems like you get us thinking about why we want to do what we are doing and why it is important." 

~Senior VP, Research & Development

"I found you were very skilled in getting me to quickly identify my skills, interests, experiences and objectives. You then helped me narrow my focus and identify a solution with alternatives that I could execute with passion. Your process and style were very energizing and quickly accomplished results. I feel very confident in the decision that I made with your coaching. I'd recommend you any time!"        

~Director, Training & Development, Fortune 100 Company

"When I started working with you, I was "stuck" in the wrong department. Now I have a very promising career, playing a significant leadership role and I'm loving it!"

 ~Manager, Fortune 500 Company

"As I look back on the past 3 years in AZ, no one person has had more impact on my life than you. It goes beyond coaching! I have 2 friends that have coaches and they are amazed at the additional info you provided me outside the regular coaching sessions. THANK YOU." 

~Manager, Beauty Industry

"I have personally used your coaching and facilitation skills to help our department make decisions I do not believe they would have previously been able to make. We would not have been in our present state of progress on our program and corporate cost reductions without your help."  

~Program Manager, Manufacturing Industry

"Connie's coaching in the areas of personal effectiveness, structuring a new department, developing communications strategies and how to address employee performance issues has been extremely valuable. I believe my interaction with Connie has increased my effectiveness and sped up the pace of my personal development, as well as resulted in enhanced solutions for the company." 

~Senior Managing Director, Fortune 500 Company

"Your personal and executive coaching have been invaluable to me over the last 16 months. It has helped me manage change within my staff, assisted me in finding creative ways to improve team cooperation and dynamics and helped me balance my life. Your work with me on personal foundations helped me identify my priorities , needs and personal make me more productive, confident and energized to meet those unexpected crises with more energy and creativity."  

~Director, Fortune 1000 Company

"Thank you for your wonderful counsel. You give confidence in your advice."

~Manager, State Government

"I have learned over the short time that we have worked together to trust your advice...even when I am skeptical. But, my default position with regard to your advice is DO IT unless I have a real good reason not to...and what a good default position ! You are really good for me!" 

~Client interested in Political Savvy Skills

"I am impressed by the quality and pointedness of what you sent. I think it is critical to be holistic..and you are, you are!!" 

~Client interested in Career Change

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