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"The goal of coaching is the goal of good management:  to make the most of an organization's valuable resources."

~The Harvard Business Review




Sounding Board coaching meets needs such as:

  • Management Consultation:  exploring ideas, problems or opportunities

  • Business and Personal Coaching:  having a supportive partner in achieving your goals

  • Career Development:  a process to help you understand your personal skills, values and interests in the context of present or future work aspirations

  • Marketing Planning:  learn the basic marketing concepts and techniques to begin or grow your enterprise

  • Assessment Tools:

        *Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

        *Strong Interest Inventory

        *WSP WorkStyle Programs


Some available consulting programs include:

  • Team Development:  the key processes necessary for teams to operate successfully

  • Team Building:  increasing the effectiveness of an existing team

  • Planning & Problem Solving:  defining strategies and developing implementation plans

  • Responsibility Charting:  clarifying role relationships and decision making.

  • Managing Change:  planning for a successful transition and implementation

  • New Manager Assimilation:  speeding up entry of a new manager with a team.

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