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"The goal of coaching is the goal of good management:  to make the most of an organization's valuable resources."

~The Harvard Business Review



Are you an executive dealing with complex issues around organizational change, team effectiveness and maximum productivity?  Do people seem confused over who does what, who has decision-making authority, who needs to know?

Sounding Board® offers executive coaching and consulting aimed at helping leaders make their organizations more effective.  Coaching is a partnership that helps clients deepen their learning, maximize their performance and enhance their quality of life.  The consulting processes are practical, cost effective ways of addressing the more typical organizational problems and can be found in the Model for Essential Leadership Processes below.  The designs can be tailored to fit each client's particular needs.

Whether used to deal with specific issues or as an ongoing leadership development plan, these processes will result in greater clarity, productivity and effectiveness within your organization. 



Here are some examples of how I have helped – and continue

 to help - my clients.  How can I help you?


New Manager Assimilation

A technical professional with no prior management experience or training had been

promoted to a team leader role.  Time was passing and his confidence dwindling, as he was getting little support or cooperation from members of his team.

In only one session, utilizing the New Manager Assimilation process, I was able to bring to the surface the issues standing in his way. Through his participation in the process, he was able to identify new ways to incorporate team members in decision-making, improve communication channels and advance team esprit de corps.

Team Building

Issues existed within a manager’s business unit relative to budgets, leadership, communications and decision-making.  I initiated a Team Building process beginning with individual interviews with team members and a comprehensive questionnaire, which made it possible for me to clarify key issues.  Results, which I presented in aggregate form to preserve confidentiality, made it clear to them the path to follow for issue resolution.

Employing a two-track technique, I dealt with basic concerns at a general session and then formed sub-teams to address more complex issues.  Follow-up plans were in place before the meeting ended and there was consensus that the air had been cleared. Participants now could act to remove obstacles in the way of increased effectiveness and productivity.

Strategic Planning    

On the heels of a company-wide reorganization, I was asked to facilitate a two-day Strategic Planning retreat at which leadership would reexamine the company mission in light of new changes and challenges.  I then guided the leaders in their efforts to develop new business strategies and plans. 

My suggestion that an off-site locale, where everyone could get to know each other in a casual setting, also proved to be a generally acknowledged morale booster.  Annual retreats then became the norm.

Responsibility Charting

A major national organization had recently experienced a change that had a huge impact on the responsibilities of its business, marketing and sales managers.  Turf issues were getting in the way of effectiveness.

I worked with key managers to determine a Roles and Responsibility Matrix Chart, encouraging input from each of them.  The chart made it possible for everyone to have a clear vision of who did what and who made which decisions.  Serving customers again became their key focus. 


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