Strengthening Your Personal Foundation

By Constance B. Wolf

Most of us can relate to a frenzied life from time to time. You race around on adrenalin trying to handle all the tasks on your plate, answer all the messages left for you while you were out, or respond to inquiries from staff, clients, customers or family. In the end, you feel stressed, vulnerable and less effective than you know you could be. Resolutions to balance the demands of work and home life get lost in the chaos of our everyday life.

And yet, once in a while, you encounter someone who is calm, self-assured and successful in their life and work. What makes this person stand out is often the strength they get from having developed a strong personal foundation.

Strengthening one's personal foundation is about making ourself as emotionally strong and attractive as we can. Achieving this state then reflects on everything we touch and do. It impacts on how we interact with those around us and how we attract others to us. With relationships being so important in life and business, enhancing these skills carries more weight than just personal satisfaction. It affects our work and the success of our lives.

The Process: The amazing thing is that the process of building a strong personal foundation can be learned. Coach University suggests that a strong personal foundation includes 10 distinct steps, which when learned and implemented, provide a sound basis upon which to build one's life. These are:

* A past which you have fully completed

* Needs which are identified and met

* Standards which bring out your best

* Choosing to come from a positive place

* A supportive community

* A life based on integrity

* Ample boundaries

* Elimination of tolerations

* A family which nurtures you

* Life oriented around your values

Having a strong personal foundation frees a person from constantly worrying about the fundamentals of their life and lets them focus on what is truly important. During the process of building their personal foundation, a person learns how to eliminate and prevent many common problems that before were usually thought of as an expected part of life.

Tools that can help: Does this intrigue you ? Then start by trying a Clean Sweep® questionnaire to see how fully complete you are with 4 key aspects of your life: physical environment, well-being, money and relationships. Another approach is to develop a list of Tolerations (things that you put up with that do no good for you or anyone else) at work or in your personal life. Tolerations include: rude co-workers, unsatisfactory services, messy office, broken appliances, lateness, etc. Strengthening one's personal foundation can make a profound difference in expanding your capacity to accomplish more while living a more meaningful life.

* * * * *

Connie Wolf is president of Sounding Board®, a service of CBW, Inc. She holds a master's degree in Organization Development and is a graduate of Coach University and the Gestalt Therapist Training Program. She is the creator of the Sounding Board® approach to professional coaching and consulting and can be reached at  or 480-607-1960.